One World Spotlight on Helen Boxwill

One World would like to take this opportunity to spotlight one of our most successful partners in One World growth, Ms. Helen Boxwill. Helen has been a supporter and advocate of One World for many years and has successfully opened over 25 clubs in Ethiopia!

Helen’s mission and passion is her own organization, H2 Empower, which is dedicated to improving lives in Africa through education & sustainable development. Helen is currently in Ethiopia for a 6 week trip where she is spending her time working on water projects, gender empowerment, visiting schools, and working at the library she worked tirelessly to get built.

While in Ethiopia, Helen worked closely with Tamrat Kelbore, One World Coordinator, to organize several trainings for the advisors and students. Inspired by the One World connections component of the program which aims to connect students around the world, Helen and Tamrat also decided to connect Ethopia’s own students. The schools in Ethiopia are of all backgrounds including a Catholic, a Lutheran and other Christian schools, a Muslim school, 16 public schools, and even one prison school.

During one event, the students broke up into groups and discussed one of the following topics: community involvement, citizenship, or values. They then wrote poems, performed skits, drew images and presented their thoughts. All the adults were impressed with the student’s display of deeply understanding our One World philosophy and described it as well as the teachers could. One World is grateful for Helen’s dedication to improving the world around us. She is an inspiration and changes so many lives for the better, every single day.

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