Join a Community of Practice

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Each group will discuss and commit to specific Action Steps that you and your students will take based upon your discussion. Each group will determine how to apply the 5 principles. 

Group 1

Impact of Globalization

How can we help our students become the Citizens of the World they will need to be? 

Group 2

Universal Values

Our kids will live far into the 22nd century. What values can we give them today that will last a lifetime across the world?

Group 3

Exponential Technological Change

Come help us predict the future and what the world is gong to look like in 2040. 

Group 4

Sustainability and Climate Change

What evidence do you see of global warming in your country? Are advances in science and technology helping or hurting? 

Group 5

Cultures of Peace

How can we bring communities together internally and across the globe to reduce violence & conflict and enhance peace. 

Group 6

Future of Education

How can education adapt to the rapidly changing world?