Financial Education Program

Get future ready with financial literacy, career readiness, stock markets skills and entrepreneurship

About Financial Education Workshops

Using the stock market as our window to the world we teach students financial literacy, career readiness, stock markets skills and entrepreneurship. We introduce new economy concepts you won’t get anywhere else and build career ready skills for the 21st century.

Tom Friedman Inspired

Tom Friedman originally spurred the creation for this class in a Youtube video where he explained that when he graduated college the goal was to find a job and today the goal upon graduation is to create a job. He makes clear that the number one skill set needed for today’s world is the ability to learn.

What’s Included

One World teaches students financial literacy, career readiness, stock markets skills and entrepreneurship. 

Classes are delivered direct by One World leaders via Zoom over 10 weeks. Class instruction time is 50 minutes per week with an additional 20 minutes per week expected for student activity and prep time. 

Financial Curriculum

A virtual meeting with a One World support staff to learn about how to implement the program

Stock Market Game

A curated global competence curriculum that includes activities and lessons supporting Global education, Character Education & Service Learning. 

Access to Professionals

Program teachers and advisors will have access to One World’s support staff as well as other advisors around the world. 

Training & Opportunities

Certificates of completion will be available to those clubs that successfully complete the One World Enrichment program. 

Start your financial future today!

This class is enormously empowering as it prepares you for a global industry of the future and provides you with an unparalleled window to the world around us today and the future hurtling our way.