About Us

One World future-ready programs are designed to prepare students for success in our rapidly globalizing 21st century world of exponential technological change.

Over the course of the last ten years, One World has developed three character-based, future-ready programs – Global Competence, Financial Readiness, and Technology Awareness – designed to prepare K-12 youth for the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of our 21st-century world.

Our programs are offered as a single, comprehensive program on a schoolwide basis, as well as, direct to students interested in participating virtually in mostly global classrooms.

Our longest running program, global competence, brings together three educational disciplines, global education, character education and service-learning. We bring students to together in a club or classroom format once a week for one hour a week where we deliver our award-winning E–C–E curriculum where we Educate for Global Awareness, Connect through good Character and Empower through service-learning.  Parents, students and educators can start your own club today! 

When people think about their important relationships in life they rarely think about money as being one of them.  However, every human being on the planet earth has a relationship with money.   

This class is designed to help students think seriously about their relationship with money; first how do they intend to make money in a rapidly changing 21st century economy, hopefully by following their passion.  Second we then help students think about how they want to spend and much more importantly save the money they earn by helping them understand the power of compounding, and finally we help them understand how to make their eventual savings work for them via a stock market game where they will play a stock market game where they invest $100,000 in notional monies and learn to use the stock market as a window to the future and a window to the world. 


Humanity is experiencing a rate of change unparalleled in human history.  That rate of change will continue to accelerate.  We believe that it in order to understand the world around us it is fundamentally important to understand where technology is taking us.  In our view it does not make very much sense to spend years preparing for a career that is on the verge of becoming obsolete. This club’s goal then is to bring students and educators together in an effort to better understand the Brave New World unfolding in front of our eyes.

The open letter published by leading technologists asking for a six month pause in the development of artificial intelligence makes clear that this one-of-a-kind course is essential to understanding our 21st century world. 

From our founder:

Educators are being asked to do the impossible. Often, working out of a system designed for the Industrial Age, they are being asked to prepare our youth for a world that no one understands and for jobs that do not yet exist. If the CEO of IBM is having difficulty keeping up with dramatic advances in technological change, how can we expect our teachers to keep up?

Enter One World Future-Ready. Over the course of the last ten years, we have designed a series of award-winning educational enrichment programs meant to help today’s youth successfully compete in and contribute to our 21st century world. Each of the three legs of our future-ready stool – global competence, financial readiness, and technology awareness – are specifically designed to enhance educator and student outcomes in today’s world.

We are now also offering our complete future-ready package of programs both as a direct- delivered global class to students interested in becoming future-ready as well as to schools interested in incorporating our comprehensive future-ready program into their programming on a customized basis that meets the specific needs of your school.

We understand that the primary focus of K12 education is to get students into the college of their choice so that they can become “college and career ready”.
We have a very different approach to today’s educational challenge. Our goal is to help your students become life ready through a variety of authentic, experiential, learning experiences that encourages and enables them to follow their passion.
For those that participate in our full year program, we will help students develop a capstone project and life plan that prepares them for the tests of life rather than a life tests. They will learn to collaborate with students from across the goal on projects of their choosing and design.

And, yes we will help your students “get into the college of their choice” but in a world where the whole of human information is at our fingertips, the knowledge gap between colleges has shrunk and therefore the focus on what specifically the college of your choosing has to offer students in terms of experiential life learning as they seek to achieve their life goals is all the more important.

More importantly, we don’t think educators and parents should wait for college to encourage their students to take ownership if their education. For those that use it effectively technology can be the big equalizer. We have programs available to help your students use those tools effectively.

We believe columnist Tom Friedman is right on point when he writes that:
“Your children can expect to change jobs and professions multiple times in their lifetimes, which means their career path will no longer follow a simple “learn-to-work’’ trajectory, as Heather E. McGowan, co-author of “The Adaptation Advantage,” likes to say, but rather a path of “work-learn-work-learn-work-learn.”

“Learning is the new pension,” Ms. McGowan said. “It’s how you create your future value every day.”

The most critical role for K-12 educators, therefore, will be to equip young people with the curiosity and passion to be lifelong learners who feel ownership over their education.”

This thinking is echoed in article by one of the world’s leading business consultancies Mckinsey & Company that explains that the number one skill sought by employers today is the capacity to learn, and that therefore the best differentiator for students is the capacity to develop a “growth” and “curiosity” mindset.