About Us

One World has developed character-based competency programs designed to help our youth become future-ready.   

One World has been spent the last ten years developing an educational enrichment program that helps prepare our youth for the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. 

We have developed a character-based, award winning future-ready curriculum designed to help educators and parents meet the twin challenges of our 21st century world: globalization and rapid technological change.   

Our longest running program, global competence, brings together three educational disciplines, global education, character education and service-learning. We bring students to together in a club or classroom format once a week for one hour a week where we deliver our award-winning E–C–E curriculum where we Educate for Global Awareness, Connect through good Character and Empower through service-learning.  Parents, students and educators can start your own club today! Learn about our global competence program.

One World teaches financial literacy, career planning and skills, introduce entrepreneurship all the while participating in an exciting stock market game.  Students will learn how to manage a budget and save for college, about the company life-cycle from start-up to IPO, about the kinds of skills businesses are looking for with a view to helping students build those skills in this class as well as learn to use the stock market as an essential learning tool for our 21st century world. Learn more about our financial education program.

Humanity is experiencing a rate of change unparalleled in human history.  That rate of change will continue to accelerate.  We believe that it in order to understand the world around us it is fundamentally important to understand where technology is taking us.  In our view it does not make very much sense to spend years preparing for a career that is on the verge of becoming obsolete. This club’s goal then is to bring students and educators together in an effort to better understand the Brave New World unfolding in front of our eyes. Learn more about our technology program.

From our founder:

Our hope is that you will make One World Future-Ready educational programs an important component of your family’s and your classroom’s educational portfolio.  One World seeks to help students develop three essential 21st century competencies – global competence, financial competence and technology competence. Each of these competencies is underpinned by a values based, character education curriculum. 

The big risk we see in education today is that educators working out of an educational system developed during the Industrial Age are preparing students for a content-driven world that no longer exists when in fact they should be helping students develop the skills and competencies they need to thrive in today’s increasingly complex, hyper-connected world.  

All too often our youth are being prepared for a life of tests rather than the tests of life. 

Dr. Fernando Reimers of Harvard tells us that those who are prepared for globalization can turn it into a competitive advantage and those that are not prepared will be left behind.  Former President of the National Education Association (NEA) President,Dennis Van Roekel, is even more emphatic:  

“The 21st Century isn’t coming; it’s already here. Public schools must prepare our young people to understand and address global issues…so that all students can thrive in this global and interdependent society…global competence in the 21st Century is not a luxury, but a necessity.  Global competence must become part of the core mission of education”

Even more challenging for educators is the need to prepare out youth for a world where computing capacity doubles every 18 months at the same cost (Moore’s law).  If the functionality and cost of a 1971 Volkswagon Beetle had improved in the same way, the Volkswagon Beetle would now cost 4 cents, go 300,000 miles an hour and get 2 million miles to the gallon.

Today’s cell phones not only have more technology in them than the rocket ship that landed on the moon, they provide our youth with access to all human knowledge and the capacity to connect with virtually all of humanity. Technology properly utilized can become the great equalizer.

In a world where all of human knowledge is at our fingertips, the goal of educators should move from remembering content to developing skills and competencies that can be learned collaborating with others across the globe while having fun.  Our programs encourage students to take ownership of their education such that they get the instruction they need.