Communities of Learning & Practice

The COLP Topics

Utilizing guidance and insights from Professor Reimers, as well as the objectives laid out in the UNESCO report, One World established global Communities of Learning and Practice (COLP) where educators collaborate on the future of education in five key areas. All five areas were chosen to study in 2022 as they align with the different key targets laid out throughout the Report. 

Climate Change

Evaluate how climate change is taught in schools in various communities around the world.

Universal Values

Assess different character and value-based initiatives and their effectiveness at helping children flourish

Global Competence

Explore how global competency is being taught in different academic settings around the world.

Technology & Exponential Change

Assess how exponential change is impacting schools and communities around the globe.

Cultures of Peace

Host a series of peace events around the theme “Reimagining Education for Peace and Development”

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5 topics were studied that aligned with the key targets laid out throughout the UNESCO Report.


Building from last year, 2023's focus was on Climate Change and Education. Participants heard from esteemed professionals and the collaborated with one another to develop learning opportunities for their students.


We are currently planning for next year. Check back soon for more information!