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Technology & Exponential Change

In response to UNESCO’s acknowledgment of the unprecedented impact of digital transformation in our societies and daily lives, vigilantly ensuring “that ongoing technical transformations help us thrive and do not threaten the future of diverse ways of knowing or the future of intellectual and creative freedom” (UNESCO, 2021, p. 9), One World’s Technology and Exponential Change COLP is assessing how exponential change is impacting schools and communities around the globe. Utilizing Professor Reimer’s 5 Principles for Educating for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in conjecture with elements of the Report, the 2022 cohort distributed short surveys to teachers, educators, and students globally, specifically analyzing: (1)  whether or not these groups understood the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of rapid technological change, (2) how they collaborated with other professionals and educators across the globe, and (3) what work is being done to prepare students for the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. 

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