A Community of Learning & Practice:

Universal Values

 The UNESCO report is clear in its recommendation that “values such as respect, empathy, equality, and solidarity must be core to the mission of universities, colleges and technical institutes in the future”(UNESCO, 2021, p. 60), expanded to include the participation of children, youth, parents, teachers, researchers, activists, employers, cultural and religious leaders in building the future of education (UNESCO, 2021, p. 5).

Recognizing the range of character or values-based programs and practices circulating across the planet under a range of names and titles, the 2022 cohort identified a common desire to help young people understand, care about, and consistently practice a set of values that will enable them to flourish in school, in relationships, in the workplace, and as citizens.  Through assessing different character and value-based initiatives, short surveys to students and educators, and identifying other global learning platforms, this subcommittee analyzed the current effectiveness of the recommendations laid out in the Report above in order to create a better version of this in the future.

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