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Cultures of Peace

The UNESCO report emphasizes the “urgent need to rebalance our relationship with each other…(needing) to relearn our interdependencies and our human place and agency in a more than human world”(UNESCO, 2021, p. 8) to create a culture of peace through integrating solidarity, compassion, ethics, and empathy in how we learn, recognizing the precious dignity of every person, and actualizing basic human rights for all. 

The 2022 cohort worked with the Global Peace Foundation to host a series of peace events around the theme “Reimagining Education for Peace and Development”, creating a comparative analysis related to the micro- and macro-efforts implemented to reimagine peace in their respective classrooms, highlighting the importance of peace universally.

Watch the webinar & disccusion

Click here  for part one of the Spanish version of this video. Click here for part two.