Become Future Ready with Technology Awareness

Keeping Up with Technology

In order to understand the world around us it is fundamentally important to understand where technology is taking us. One World technology programs prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges in a world of exponential technological change.

Technology Readiness Programs

One World Tech Clubs

Equipped with qualified lesson plans and support from One World, trained facilitators can organize extra-curricular youth clubs. Meeting one hour per week for 25-30 weeks, club evaluation is offered via a certificate program.


Technology & The Stock Market

Taught by One World facilitators, this program uses the stock market to follow emerging industries by studying the companies shaping those industries changing the world technology.

Entrepreneurship & Technology

Taught by One World facilitators, this program teaches students not only the skills and out-of-the-box thinking needed to be a successful entrepreneur, but also how to set up their own NFP or for-profit business.

Key Concept

It’s imperative that all educators and student understand the principle conceptual challenge facing us today is to understand that we are moving from a world of linear change to exponential technological change.