Peace Through the Arts- A One World Celebration

“One Love, One World”: Celebrating Human Connectedness, Peace, and the Potential for Abundance

In a world often divided by borders, languages, and ideologies, there are moments that remind us of our shared humanity. On June 22, 2024, One World together with the Denzel Washington School of the Arts in Mount Vernon, NY, hosted a remarkable event—a celebration of human connectedness, peace, and abundance through the arts. Students, educators, and One World’s global community came together to witness a kaleidoscope of creativity, bridging cultures and fostering hope.

The Denzel Washington School of the Arts, nestled in the heart of Mount Vernon, provided the perfect backdrop for this celebration. Its vibrant hallways echoed with the footsteps of graduates who had just received their diplomas the day before. The air buzzed with anticipation as attendees explored the gallery, where peace-themed artwork and organizations dedicated to promoting peace were prominently displayed. Visitors strolled through the gallery from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, immersing themselves in this inspiring showcase.

As the clock struck 6:00 pm, the stage burst to life. The event’s MC, Hip-hop Gamer, set the tone with these powerful words: “One Love, One World.” Throughout the evening, this essential message resonated with everyone present. Students from Mount Vernon and beyond stepped into the spotlight, their performances transcending language barriers and touching hearts.

The event kicked off with introductions, featuring DWSA’s principal, Dr. Andrea Thomas, the event sponsors, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, and the dynamic Master of Ceremonies, Hip Hop Gamer. The performances showcased a rich tapestry of talent. K Born, a rapper and founder of I am Community, delivered a thought-provoking piece titled “What is Peace?” DWSA students wowed the audience with hip-hop and African dance, while a 6th-grade dance major explored colorism within the diaspora. One World videos transported us across continents: Indian classical dance from Elmsford, New York, and a glimpse of Changzhou, China’s cultural heritage. The stage came alive with dynamic and spirited cultural dance performances from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico, infusing the atmosphere with energy and joy.  Ballet and contemporary dance by Michael Middleton added to the artistic diversity. Student video performances from Alice E. Grady Elementary School singing “De Colores” and an inspiring song from students in Wales reminded us that art transcends language. Even if we don’t understand the lyrics, the melodies and movements resonate deep within our souls, connecting us across cultures and borders. The evening concluded with a call for unity—a “Magic in the Air Dance for Education!”—as we danced for education, recognizing our shared humanity and striving for global peace.

As the evening drew to a close, we carried with us a renewed sense of purpose. The Denzel Washington School of the Arts had become a crossroads of cultures,a canvas where hope blossomed. We left, not as strangers, but as fellow travelers on this fragile planet. Our shared humanity, illuminated by art, would guide us toward a future where abundance was not a distant dream but a collective reality. 

Let us continue to celebrate peace, nurture connections, and create abundance—one brushstroke, one note, one heartbeat at a time. 

This inaugural event marks the beginning of a beautiful tradition. May it be the first of many gatherings where we unite as one—One Love, One World.

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