One World introduces new program- Academic Accelerator.

One World’s new Academic Accelerator program is a multi-faceted school support program to prepare students to thrive in a time of exponential change. It enhances math, science and language skills as needed.

Our program operates using a “flipped classroom” approach. In a traditional classroom, teachers typically hold the role of knowledge facilitators. They determine the dynamics, activities, and tasks during class, while students often have limited opportunities for active participation. However, in a flipped classroom, students become active learners. They take control of their own learning, applying concepts both inside and outside the classroom

Our team works with small groups. The teacher’s role is being a  facilitator. They show the students how to use digital tools, mainly Khan Academy, which will be used during the tutorial sessions and as a tool for autonomous learning outside the classroom. If there are questions, these can be resolved during a tutoring session.  

Classes are designed to offer integral and meaningful learning. To achieve this, the class is approached from a multidisciplinary point of view that allows participants to improve their skills and knowledge in science, mathematics and language. The students must cooperate and work in teams and topics of interest such as climate change, sustainability and social problems are integrated into all of our classes.

The online tutoring program is designed to cater to a wide range of students. From K5 students to college students, low achievers to gifted students.

One World offers courses on:

  • K-5 to 12 Math
  • K 5 to 12 Science 
  • SAT preparation 
  • SAT Subject tests (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Spanish, Chinese, and French)
  • ACT

Tutoring sessions may be offered during school hours, as an after-school program, evening classes, and support for homework and exams, or Saturday Academy. We also offer summer remedial camps and holiday leveler classes. 

Do these options not fit the needs of your school? We can tailor a plan for you!

Join our learning community today! For more information, please email our program coordinator, Iris.

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