Club to Club Service Learning has Big Impact


One World clubs all around the globe have been busy doing remarkable service learning projects and quite literally, changing the world.
Service Learning can take place in your own school, community or global. Either way, the impact Service Learning project have is clear. The One World club in Wales decided to engage in a service learning project that helped children in another One World Club.

The Millbrook Primary One World Club in Wales, United Kingdom, made a small craft project that they then sold throughout the school. With the money they raised, they were able to supply 20 children from the Bobicho One World Club in Ethiopia with pens and notebooks so they could continue to stay in school. This is a wonderful project the children engaged in and reminds us of how a little effort can go a long way.

There was a ceremony held in Bobicho, Ethiopia where the children and the mothers were given the books and pens that were gifted from the Millbrook Primary One World Club in Wales. This is a traditional way of awarding things like certificates or grants in Ethiopia. School leadership and teachers, as well as parents, participated in the ceremony.

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