Global Coffee Chat

As a launch to our Global Connections Fall Cohort, we hosted teachers from around the world through our inaugural Global Coffee Chat. There were representatives from Brazil, China, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States present at our Global Coffee Chat. One World’s Global Connections Program Coordinator, Ana Naulaguari, led our discussion through a presentation describing the different elements of our year-long Global Connections program. The session was simultaneously translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Our Global Connections program is a series of 8 lessons comprised of 4 asynchronous lessons and 4 virtual connections, divided into 4 units of study:

  • Unit 1–Peer Introductions
  • Unit 2–Culture and Traditions
  • Unit 3–Current Events
  • Unit 4–One World 2040

We plan to host a Global Coffee Chat at the end of each Unit to allow educators a space to share their experiences, hear one another’s stories, and prepare for the upcoming unit. Stay tuned for information about the next Global Coffee Chat soon!

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