Global Peace Foundation Partnership Helps Connect One World Schools through Global Connections


Escuela Secundaria General No.4 Acapulco (Mexico) connects with Colégio Estadual Valdivino Serafim (Brazil)

Through a partnership with Global Peace Foundation-Brazil, our Global Connections Program was able to bring together Escuela Secundaria General No.4 Acapulco in Mexico and Colgio Estadual Valdivino Serafim in Brazil. On October 18th, 2022 Victor Hugo Nambo’s classroom of 35 students and Victor Silva and Marcus Braga’s classroom of 20 students shared Lesson: Peer Introductions, where they met and learned about each other.

The students showed great enthusiasm and excitement to share a virtual classroom with their new global peers. A highlight of this global connection was the many times the Mexican and Brazilian flags were waved to each other in representation of their support and camaraderie. The students also shared how much they are looking forward to their next Global Connection on November 22nd.

Escuela Secundaria Americana de Acapulco (Mexico) connects with Instituto Federal Farroupilha (Brazil)

On October 21st, 2022 Escuela Secundaria Americana de Acapulco and Instituto Federal Farroupilha met each other in a memorable Global Connections call. Teachers Diana Berduzco Jesus Alberto Chavelas from Mexico with 21 students and Stephane Dias from Brazil with 20 students joined their classrooms virtually and also participated in the Peer Introductions lesson.

While students had so much fun and were happy to meet and get to know each other a bit, the true connection came when during a Q&A section of the call, a few students from Mexico were asked about a traditional dance from their country. The Mexican students did not hesitate to gift us a spontaneous performance of the Dance of the Iguana, a traditional dance from Guerrero Mexico. The students from Brazil received this with so much appreciation and one of the students said he thought the Mexican students were so cool and kind for showing them the dance.

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