One World 2040

Students Inspire each other to collaborate on EcoActs

On May 12, 2023 4th grade students from Claremont School in Ossining, New York  met their 4th grade global peers from Escuela Francisca Arizaga Toral in Cuenca, Ecuador on their Global Connection, on the topic One World 2040. They shared their vision on how they imagined the world would look like in the year 2040. Both students from New York and Cuenca had a similar view of the future where they saw that climate change could be a factor that drives our world to a catastrophe. What they saw and shared is that the use of plastics, pollution in our air, the waste of our natural resources amongst others are causing our planet to rapidly deteriorate. 

They all agreed that we must act now and were inspired by each other’s desire for action. While there is so much to do, the students from Ossining and Cuenca came to the conclusion that if they all came together and started today with one small action at a time, then together they would be able to accomplish much more. They were presented with the EcoActs initiative, where they pledged to take simple steps into reducing their carbon footprint. Both classrooms would tally up their Eco Acts for a week and at the end of the week will see how many EcoActs they were able to do together to reduce their carbon footprint.

The students from Ossining New York and the students from Cuenca, Ecuador came together to take small, but important steps to help fight climate change. 

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