One World’s 2023 Communities of Learning & Practice: Climate Change

This year in our Global Professional Learning Communities came together to explore Climate Change.

Our Global One World  Community came together on Saturdays from March 4th to April 1st to be part of our annual COLP (Communities of Learning and Practice). Over 100 OneWorlders (teachers and students) from Canada, China, Ecuador, Kenya, México, Nigeria, Wales, and the US joined our virtual sessions to learn and collaborate with each other.

During the first session we heard from the UNFCCC, Public Officials and were inspired by the work of the students from Westchester Green County USA. These pioneer students are making a colossal effort to become carbon neutral by 2050. Their presentations and work inspired  students in China to replicate this effort. How amazing is this!? 

For session 2 Spencer Glendon showed us how to use  Probable Futures, an amazing and free website where you can learn about Climate Change with everyday words. During our third session,  Alice Plane (Brown University) explained what the IPCC report is (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). She also encouraged us to be mighty and powerful hummingbirds because one small action taken by many can make a huge difference. In the 4th session Tamara Ledley (Bentley University) taught us how to use EN-Roads, a global climate simulator that allows users to explore the impact of policies and diverse factors.

On April 1st, our fifth session, 17 teams from across the globe shared their action plan on climate change, based on what they learned during the sessions, and they will bring this action plan into their schools and communities.

On May 6th, we had a follow-up session  and brought together again our  global community to collaborate and see how they have implemented the knowledge and tools  they received during the COLP2023 sessions. We plan on having monthly global sessions with the COLP participants to continue our conversations and work together on our action plans for climate change. 

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