Schools Are Rewarded for Most Eco Acts Around World

Creative ways are needed in the fight against climate change

To celebrate the 54th  Commemoration of Earth Day, One World launched its global Eco Acts and Earth Day Video campaign in April 2023. This year One World generated almost 500,000 Eco Acts among club members. 

In one week, 241,942 Eco Acts were fulfilled by Experimental Primary School of Taicang and 164,227 Eco Acts were completed by Changzhou Qianhuang Senior High School. The two schools received $250 and $150 rewards for their excellent organization by One World to go towards their sustainability projects. Even though Experimental Primary School of Taicang just joined the One World Sustainability Program this year, they found a creative way to reduce their carbon footprint. They not only involved the students and staff, but also invited students’ parents to participate in the Eco Acts activity. They printed out an Eco Passport designed by One World and invited local administrators to attend their Monday morning school meeting. When students received the Eco Passport from local administrators, they were highly encouraged to take on more Eco Acts.  

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