Future Ready Summer Programs

Our 8 week summer programs will get you college and career ready!

Program Overview

Future Ready Global Competence

The Global Competence program focuses on educating for global awareness, connecting through good character, and empowering through service learning. Students will engage in a service project that earns them service hours, and develop skills by collaborating with globally-minded students from China, Wales, Mexico, Africa, and the US. 

Future Ready Financial Education

Learn foundational skills about the stock market, financial literacy, new economy concepts, and career readiness. Students will participate in a virtual trading contest to decide how to invest $100,000 of play money. In addition to class sessions, students will receive 30 minutes of stock market coaching for 4 weeks.

Future Ready Technology Awareness

In order to understand the world around us it is fundamentally important to understand where technology is taking us. One World technology programs prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges in a world of exponential technological change.

Open to kids from 12 to 92

Families Welcome

1 Hour Per Week Class Time

2 Hours of Program Support

Courses Offerings

DATE: July 24, 2021
MULTIPLE DATES. Come learn transformative 21st century finance skills alongside students from around the world. Using the stock market as our window to the world we teach students financial literacy, career readiness, and stock markets skills.
DATE: July 24, 2021
MULTIPLE DATES. Become college and future ready by demonstrating your global social entrepreneurship skills with a unique global learning community.
DATE: July 25, 2021
MULTIPLE DATES. Are you future ready? Are you ready for a world of exponential, technological change leading to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Singularity?
DATE: July 31, 2021
MULTIPLE DATES. Come volunteer for an award winning climate change program that connects you with youth and leading environmentalists from across the world. Humanity needs your voice!
After working on Wall Street for over 30 years, our founder Joe Carvin believes the stock market is the window into the future.