Climate Change Volunteers Needed

Start Date
July 31, 2021
Glasgow, Scotland & Online



Zoom Information
Meeting ID  870 6088 9845   Passcode  110220

Overview In his new book, Bill Gates explained that solving the climate change issue is the toughest challenge humanity has ever faced, requiring a level of cooperation that would be “unprecedented.” He went on to say that solving the problem is possible, but it will be the most amazing thing human kind has ever done. One World is reaching out to educators and students across the globe to work together to meet this unprecedented challenge.

Over the course of the last several years, One World has worked closely with the UNFCCC on its Climate Neutral Now program. The UNFCCC is responsible for the Paris Agreements and overseeing climate change actions and targets across the globe. More recently we have been working with Let’s Go Zero, a UK based campaign supported by this year’s Global Climate Change Champion Nigel Topping, encouraging schools to make a commitment to become carbon zero by 2030. One World is encouraging student-led environmental clubs from across the globe to first on a local and regional basis and then on a global basis, share experience with a view to establishing school-based operational and educational best practice.

In short, One World is encouraging schools across the world to sign a duel pledge that commits schools to the annual UNFCCC sponsored Climate Neutral Now Program as well as to the 2030 Let’s Go Zero Carbon Neutral Campaign. In addition, an important component of this program is to encourage students to break out of their educational silos and share experience first in their region and then across the globe, always being careful to coordinate our actions with the governmental actions being undertaken via the UNFCCC guided Conference of Parties (COP) process.

Our goal is to organize a series of youth led environmental activities working up to COP 26, which is the all-important follow on conference where parties will share their progress in reaching the targets they committed to in the Paris Agreements (COP 21). COP 26 will take place in Glasgow, Scotland from November 1 to November 12. One World believes youth voice is critical to the success of this multi-decade effort. Please come share your voice and talents with us — we’ve only got one shot at this, there’s no “Planet B”