Global Educators Turn Their Schools Into the World

Club Name:

Wyandanch & Lansing One World Clubs


New York & Michigan, USA

The One World Club and Fifth Grade Class from MLK Jr. Elementary School in Wyandanch, New York celebrated the school’s first ever Virtual International Day on June 2, 2021. Classes were given the opportunity to take a journey around the globe, with MLK’s 5th grade scholars as their tour guide. The “tours” consisted of presentations filled with engaging videos, images, activities and written information pertaining to nine different countries including Jamaica, Italy, Japan, England, Mexico, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, France and China.

Halfway across the country in Lansing, Michigan, students from Gardner International Magnet School celebrated their own International Night with a special presentation on June 3, 2021. One Worlders from Kindergarten to Eight Grade prepared presentations with countries from all of the world’s seven continents with an interactive map to guide attendees through the globe.

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