Introducing Classrooms – Ossining, NY and Guerrero, Mexico

Peer Presentations between students from Claremont School (Ossining, New York) and students from CEAM (Mexico)

During their first Global Connections session, on March 17, 2022, 20 students from Claremont school in Ossining, New York and 18 students from Centro Educativo Años Maravillosos (CEAM) in Guerrero, Mexico introduced and learned a bit about each other.  The third graders from both classrooms shared their basic information (name, age) and a few of their likes about their school and community. The students from Mexico used this opportunity to practice their language skills and opted to present in English. Many of the students in Ossining also decided to present in Spanish. 

March 17th was a holiday for the US ( St. Patrick’s Day) and all the students in Ossining were wearing something green.  I asked the students in Mexico if they knew why their Ossining friends were wearing green and their answer was “ Because of the Mexican Flag”,(which is red, white and green). The teacher and students from Ossingin thought this was a fabulous answer! They then proceed to explain a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day to their Mexican friends. There was so much interest and curiosity between these two groups, at the end of their presentations they asked to take a better look at their classrooms so both teachers moved the cameras around to show the different areas in their respective classrooms.  A great connections was made here amongst students and teachers.

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