Connecting Classrooms Around the World

On May 2021, in a series of virtual lessons, students from the US and from Mexico started by getting acquainted with each other through a brief self-introduction. They learned about each other’s schools and why they love where they live. On Culture Day, students continued by sharing and learning about their culture and traditions. During very lively and dynamic presentations students talked about food, customs, music, and other important aspects of their culture.

During their last session, students shared about their individual experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many felt identified with each other as they shared similar situations. While this was a very challenging time for many of the students, they also learned to stay positive and feel grateful for their families and teachers. The two classrooms were able to appreciate their differences, but also realized how much they have in common even when they live miles apart.

In our Global Connections Program students are part of a worldwide network where they learn and find opportunities to work together.

“We are incredibly grateful to have had to opportunity to participate in this program…the kids really enjoyed connecting with students from different countries and cultures. It has been a lot of fun”
-Testimonial from Ossining School Teacher

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