Students from Brooklyn and Acapulco pledge to achieve radical non-violence in their communities

Our Global Connections Program aims to provide students with a virtual exchange where they get acquainted with each other, learn about each other’s culture, world views and find a commonality amongst them. This is exactly what occurred during the year-long virtual exchange between a group of 8th graders from East New York Middle School of Excellence in Brooklyn, New York  and a group of 7th graders from Escuela Secundaria General No.4 in Acapulco-Guerrero, Mexico. The students came out of this experience with a profound connection related to radical non-violence

Acapulco being the “second most violent city in the world” yet having some of the most vibrant and kind people, made an impact on the students from Brooklyn, having its own share of violence on its streets. Together the students learned about “radical non-violence” and discussed ways where they can enforce their “Response-ability” (ability to respond) in situations that might otherwise turn violent. During their last session the students were asked “How can we achieve radical non-violence by 2040?” one of the students responded “We have to respect each other… we have to remember not to do to others what we don’t want them to do to us”. By applying “the golden rule” this group of students from the US and Mexico have pledged to spread, with their actions, radical non-violence in their communities.

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