Creating Change at Claremont School: Advocating for Accessibility

Claremont Student Equity Leaders focused their 2022-2023 equity project on promoting accessibility within their school community!

After a peer experienced some challenges navigating Claremont’s building while using crutches, Claremont Student Equity Leaders thought more about the connection between equity and accessibility. Startled by the different barriers that impact students’ ability to be members of our school community, Student Equity Leaders committed to creating change within their school to promote accessibility! Using One World’s Agents of Change Curriculum, Claremont students identified, researched, and then analyzed a variety of concerns regarding accessibility within their school building. Through their research, they determined a number of problems regarding mobility/motor accessibility (physical barriers impacting students) and cognitive/learning accessibility (barriers that impact students’ ability to learn and feel comfortable in school).

While collaborating with special educators at Claremont, Claremont Student Equity Leaders began to learn more about neurodiversity and the ways in which schools can be made more accessible for neurodivergent students. Realizing the importance of this work, Equity Leaders chose to focus their efforts on creating change within our school to better support all students. After researching ideas, Student Equity Leaders applied for and were eventually awarded a grant proposal from Ossining Matters. With this grant, Student Equity Leaders will be collaborating with special educators to create resources to support the sensory needs of all students. By advocating for and creating this change, Student Equity Leaders will make Claremont a more accessible and inclusive school for all!

Club Name: Claremont Student Equity Leaders

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