One World Advisors from Wales visit New York Clubs

Several One World Teacher Advisors from Millbrook Primary School in Wales, UK, and their Principal, came to New York to visit with One World Clubs in Port Chester, New York City and Long Island. While here they maintained a very active schedule, filling any down time with Skype calls to other clubs such as Mexico and China, along with a wonderfully exciting in person meeting with One World’s Ethiopia Clubs organizer, Helen Boxwill.

While here, Principal Lindsey Watkins engaged with the Port Chester Edison Club and they discussed culture and languages. She taught the children how to say “hello” in Welsh and asked if they would be interested in learning more Welsh over Skype with her students in Wales! The kids were very excited by this in exchange for teaching their students some words in Spanish. We look forward to this relationship between Port Chester and Millbrook Clubs.

When meeting with Helen Boxwill, the advisors came together to come up with an initiative to help Helen raise money for Pens for the students in Ethiopia who are in need of simple supplies. One World Clubs helping One World Clubs is our future! We are certain this initiative will be successful and we look forward to support for it from other clubs as well.

The Wales advisors participated in a two day long board off-site which discussed recent achievements and future plans for One World.

We are grateful to our Wales advisors for taking this trip and for their invaluable contributions to not only their club, but the One World organization.

The visit was hosted by One World supporters, Frank & Joanne Ferarra whom we are grateful to for opening their home, participating in the week of One World focused activities, and their continual support.

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