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One World is an international character building program for youth of all ages that generates civic commitment to school, local, national and global communities. Our clubs are a network of globally aware youth leaders of character; knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better.

The One World Club program consists of a series of character education activities and lessons that are designed to educate for global awareness, connect students through good character and empower through service learning. Educate, Connect & Empower are the pillars of One World and we refer to them as E-C-E.

One World currently has 100 clubs throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and growing.


for Global Awareness

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Through Good Character

Port Chester Middle School Girls Night In!


Through Service Learning



Our mission is to prepare the next generation of global leaders of character.

Our youth program teaches students core human and universal values and then fosters commitment to those values through our proprietary E-C-E educational programming where we seek to Educate, Connect and Empower citizen leaders who will be as comfortable in the world around them as they are in their home communities.

We Educate our club members for global awareness, we Connect kids across the globe through character building exercises and then Empower them through service learning projects to understand that they are capable of being positive change agents in their local, national and global communities.

In combining character education with global awareness and service learning, we provide our youth with a new set of tools that will prepare them for a rapidly globalizing, increasingly complex, interconnected world. Our globally aware leaders of character, organized into a mutually supportive global network, can contribute to a Transition Generation of young adults committed to a world of dramatically improved global cooperation.


One World seeks to partner with other Non-Governmental Organizations, community organizations and school districts in our efforts to create both discussion and grassroots action that fosters a sense of our common humanity, global citizenship and cooperation.

Our partners include school districts and fraternal organizations such as the Rotary Club that worked with us to send shelter boxes with tents and supplies to survivors of the Haitian earthquake. The League of Women Voters with which One World co-sponsors a college level seminar for high school students on addressing societal challenges such as food-insecurity; and the NAACP and the American Legion with which One World is working to restore a cemetery of historic importance.We Future Cycle, who support schools with a comprehensive recycling program in coordination with our sustainability curriculum.

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