West Middle School Club helps children in Uganda avoid painful infections

The members of the One World Club at West Middle conducted a global search to find an issue they felt strongly about and one that they believed could impact the lives of others.

After researching, the students found that children in Uganda were suffering from painful infections caused by a parasite called a jigger. Since the children in Uganda did not have shoes to protect their feet, jiggers were burrowing into their feet and causing very painful infections. Through continuing research, students found a United States based agency, “Sole Hope,” and the Club partnered with them to make shoes for the children of Uganda.

The Club then facilitated a school-wide shoe cutting party where the entire school worked to cut patterns for 100 pairs of shoes. A “gofundme.com” page was also set up and $975 was raised by West Middle’s staff and their family members. The shoes were then shipped to Sole Hope who shipped the cut patterns to Uganda where soles would be added and the patterns would be sewn together. The raised funds were donated to Sole Hope to contribute to the cost of labor in sewing the shoes and also for much needed medical supplies.

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