A Global Clap for Humanity & Our Neighbors

One Wolders Lead a Global Clap for Humanity to Kick Off Earth Day – Video Below!

With the human race experiencing the greatest challenge it has faced since the World Wars with Covid-19, as One Wolders we realize the biggest difference from then and now is that we are all in this together.

There has been a spontaneous outpouring of support in many communities for the health care workers and other essential personnel who put their lives on the line for all of us each and every day.

On Wednesday, April 22 we asked One Worlders across the globe to join in on the movement, kicking off the day with hand clapping in a joint celebration for Earth Day, healthcare workers and our common humanity – our essential human link. Together we made this the clap heard round the world.

China led the charge as the first region of our group to clap hands and rejoice, opening the dawning on a new day. As the sun continued to rise around the globe, One Worlders joined in from cities in Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Nigeria, Wales, Argentina, the US and Mexico – opening their windows and doors to make noise in celebration of the essential personnel who have continued to care for our needs and for our precious Earth which provides for and unites us all.

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