One World Students from two countries celebrate Hispanic Heritage together

One World embraces our multiculturalism, and on October 12th & 13th, 2021 our Global Connections network came together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Centro Educativo Años Maravillosos from Mexico and Alice E. Grady Elementary School in Elmsford, NY participated in this event to share and learn about the many cultures and traditions that our students hold. Second through Six Graders from both countries put together beautiful presentations and created a virtual space for learning and celebrating their unique customs. 

While in Mexico they are still doing virtual learning from their homes the students were still able to take part of this event. They proudly wore many different traditional Mexican clothing and presented various aspects of their culture through colorful and vibrant presentations. Our students in Elmsford gathered together in their classrooms and enjoyed sharing with us fun videos they had prepared, showing the many different things they love about their diverse cultures. 

Over 450 students from 25 different classrooms came together to celebrate each other’s cultures. Students and teachers were very excited to be part of this event and expressed how eager they are to continue to learn together in these Global Connections. 

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