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Character Building for a Global World

One World has developed award winning youth programming designed to develop a new generation of globally aware leaders of character, knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better.

Educate for Global Awareness

One World prepares our students for a rapidly globalizing hyper-connected world, helping them understand that dramatic advances in technology make it ever more clear we share a common fate on a crowded planet.

Connect thru Character

One World connects students across the world thru core human values that are meant to transcend borders and support our students as they meet the uncertain challenges of our 21st Century world.

Empower thru Service

Every One World Club develops at least one service learning project intended to show our students that they can become positive change agents in their school, local, national and global communities.

One World Youth Programs

One World’s character education program is building an international network of globally aware youth leaders of character; knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better.

Recent One World News

One Worlders in Acapulco Deliver Stuffed Animals & Smiles!

The Adolescentes Ejemplares de la Sec. 4 One World club from Acapulco, Mexico collected stuffed animals to bring to their local children’s hospital in hope of bringing a smile to the children’s faces!

One World Wyandanch Carols in their Community!

This December, Wyandanch High School’s One World Club paired up with MLK Elementary School’s One World Club to deliver some holiday cheer to their community. The members of the club gathered at their local grocery store to sing holiday carols! The Wyandanch One Worlders brought smiles to the customers faces and some even joined in on the festivities!

One Worlders in Wyandanch, NY Host a Food Drive

Martin Luther King Elementary School in Wyandanch, NY hosted a Thanksgiving food drive to help families in their community. After collecting donations & putting together baskets, they were able to donate 25 baskets of food to families in their community.

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What our One World Youth Members are saying

  • "Being a One Worlder gives me the opportunity to know more about the world around me."

    Sue Y. Nanjing University, China Member
  • "I like making a Difference in the world and making new friends in Mexico."

    Cindy Milton Olive 8th grader
  • "I know people who have done so much for other people and now I get a chance to repay them."

    Heidi Signal Hill One Worlder
  • "I love One World Youth Club because it gives me a chance to make the world a better place."

    Joseph Signal Hill One Worlder
  • "I like being part of One World because It helps me learn about other kids my age around the world. It also makes me feel good to be part of this group because I am a good person and I try to do good for others and my school."

    Wykeem J. Milton Olive 6th grader
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I am learning about new cultures and seeing how they are different than mine."

    Daniela G. MLK 4th grade Club
  • "I love being in the One World Club because I get to make the world a better place. I want to help others so they never give up on their dreams!"

    Angel JFK 5th grader
  • "I am a One Worlder because I want to make people smile. I love making people smile!"

    Yareli JFK 5th grader
  • "Being in One World is so special because we have people that we know we can always count on by our side. They help us through hard times and help us figure out issues we may be having and that is amazing!"

    Jennifer JFK 5th grader
  • "Being a member of our One World Club makes me feel like a hero because I participated in activities that made a difference in people's lives!"

    Benjamin JFK 5th grader
  • "I like being a part of One World because it teaches us kindness and caring and how to love the world"

    Chelsea A. JFK 4th grader
  • "I like being in World because I realized that there is only One World so we need to take care of it and persuade others to do the same"

    Manny C. JFK 4th grader
  • " I like being a One Worlder to connect with schools around the world to find out what they have been doing."    

    Callum Jones Coed y Garn Primary School
  • "I like being a One Worlder so that we can learn how people who are less fortunate than us live, and try to make their lives better".

    Lexi Davies Coed y Garn Primary School
  • "We want to work together to keep our environment clean and safe and make the world a better place."

    Alfie Lewis, Evie Thomas, Demi Lea Presdee. Coed y Garn Primary School

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