Get Future Ready

With Global Competence, Financial Education & Technology Awareness

Get Future Ready with One World

Our character-based competency programs provide you with the future ready tools and skills you need for the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Designed for educators, parents and students of all ages!

Our Global Classrooms connect Students around the World

In this signature program, we deliver a curriculum that bring our three future ready competencies together into a single global classroom for an accelerated course. 

Club News Stories

One Worlders are making a big impact around the globe. 

Exploring Culture and Traditions between students from Ossining, New York and Cuenca, Ecuador

The fourth grade dual-language classroom from Ossining, NY, USA and the fourth grade students from Cuenca, Ecuador presented and learned about each other’s unique and diverse cultures.

Introducing Classrooms – Ossining, NY and Guerrero, Mexico

Students from Claremont school in Ossining, New York and students from Centro Educativo Años Maravillosos (CEAM) in Guerrero, Mexico were introduced to each other through the Global Connections program and learned about each other. 

Translating Sustainable Development Goals into Native Languages

In Guerrero Mexico, a One World group presented the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Native Languages during a global conference.

Start a Club Today!

One World members get access to the Starter Kit, which includes One World’s foundational activities and lessons to start your own One World Youth club, access to our global directory of advisors, and special invitations and rates for learning opportunities and events. 

Preparing the Future Generation of Leaders

Students from Lexington, Kentucky are using their financial education and critical thinking to grow simulated stock portfolios using real world data and information.