Youth Enrichment Classrooms

Engage K through 12 students in real world global issues facing their generation using E-C-E.

About our Enrichment Classrooms

Over the course of the last decade One World has developed an award winning global competence enrichment program designed to engage K to 12 students in the real world global issues facing their generation. Our award-winning E – C – E curriculum is designed to Educate for global awareness, Connect students through good character and Empower through service learning so that students can develop global competence, which is an essential 21st century skill set.

Incorporating Global Competence

We encourage educators to incorporate global competence directly into their classrooms, but our enrichment program can also be delivered as an extracurricular activity with meetings held as an after-school or in-school lunch club, through a local community center, or even from the comfort of your home. 

What’s Included

90 Minute Training

A virtual meeting with a One World support staff to learn about how to implement the program

Enrichment Curriculum

A curated global competence curriculum that includes activities and lessons supporting Global education, Character Education & Service Learning. 

Program Support

Program teachers and advisors will have access to One World’s support staff as well as other advisors around the world. 


Certificates of completion will be available to those clubs that successfully complete the One World Enrichment program. 

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"I am very proud of all the new knowledge my One Worlders have acquired throughout this year, so much growth, they have become advocates and true Global Citizens that communicate effectively , with respect and tolerance!"

Mrs. Vanessa from Port Chester, NY

How it Works

For elementary school teachers who spend well over 1,000 hours a year with their students we recommend you incorporate from 40 to 50 hours of One World curated curriculum into your classrooms. Similarly, at the secondary school level there are numerous subjects that lend themselves to the teaching of global competence.

Delivering lessons in global competence during classroom time allows greater opportunity to connect with other classrooms around the world.We encourage you to take advantage of our global learning community to expand your classroom to learn with and from students from across the.

One World will provide you with our award winning E–C–E global competence curriculum that intertwines global education, character education and service learning. We will provide you with training and to show you how to most effectively use our materials. Most importantly, we will provide you with on-going program support so as to ensure your engagement in real world issues as well as to facilitate connecting your classroom with other classrooms from around the world.  Finally, we will assist you with your program evaluation via our certification process.  

“Character is a dimension of life that helps us persevere during challenges, treat others with dignity, and advance our community.”