Student Story

Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke of a nation that would practice Agape love, where respect of others’ self dignity was given unconditionally and a creative understanding of each other’s identities would be as natural as learning someone’s name. This practice of Agape love is what I believe encapsulates the power and mission of the One World Organization. One World has had an impact on my life because it brought a group of diverse students close together so we could learn, teach, and grow to love one another; embracing and all of our differences and celebrating our similarities.

It’s mere existence carries out its mission. By cultivating a space for such a diverse group of students to develop programming that explores each other’s heritage and upbringing, every member was able celebrate the beauty of other cultures and gain a newfound understanding of the gravity and importance of creating a world where this practice was a societal norm. If Dr. King were a teenager today, he’d be in One World; I’m proud to say that I was too.