Ferzeen Shamsi

Our school had the opportunity to participate in the One World Global Connections program last year during the pandemic. We piloted the program with three elementary educators who were interested in connecting with Mexico.  Our third-grade students were immersed in a country study and Mexico was one of the countries being studied. The Global Connections program allowed our students to connect with students in Mexico and hear directly from them about their culture, their location, and their interests.  Although our students had read and researched Mexico, the face-to-face connection allowed them to build relationships and to learn deeply about the experiences of students, who were just like them.  Our students learned about the many similarities between us and our student partners. 

This experience was motivating and inspiring for both teachers and students and I am happy to share that this year we will have eleven classrooms participating in the One World Global Connections program.  Working with Joe Carvin and his team is a wonderful and easy experience. I highly recommend this program.