Sustainability & Climate Change Mini Programs

Become part of the change by working with our team and the United Nations

About our Sustainability & Climate Change Mini Programs

Climate change is problem that cannot be solved by any single nation state. One World’s goal is to help One World students become among the most Eco Literate in the world. Our classes borrow largely from Bill Gates world changing book to define the problem. We then go on to provide students with opportunities to connect across the globe to share solutions using programs already established by One World.

"At One World Club I learned that you should not throw away plastic bags because they pollute the oceans, we should instead recycle them. For example we could create bracelets!"​

Ava, 2nd grade One Worlder

How it Works

One World will provide you with our curriculum and then invite you, your students and your school and educators to become part of the change by working with our team and the UN to put in place Climate Neutral Now solutions today, while also making a 10-year commitment to become as carbon neutral as possible by 2030.

What’s Included

Sustainability Curriculum

Our curated curriculum provides lessons & activities to educate students about sustainability.

UN Sponsored Activities

Challenge students to make change and provide opportunities for them to deliver real world solutions.

Global Community Access

Access to One World’s network of teachers & advisors around the world

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