Tony Devine

Tony works with Ministries of Education, educational systems, schools, universities as well as private and civil society stakeholders to reimagine what it means to educate in preparing students to be future ready and be successful in all aspects of their lives. He oversees the development of the Transformation of Education, Moral and Innovative Leadership, Character and Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Digital Literacy programs in counties around the world. These programs and advocacy efforts develop character and values that guide skills such as creativity, problem solving, communications, collaboration in the application of new knowledge for the greater benefit of humanity. He is a contributor to the Advisory Group of OECD’s Future of Education & Skills 2030 Project. He is the President of Global Peace Foundation Ireland where oversees International Peacesharing Programs and Forums that exposes practitioners, educators, peacebuilders, government representatives and faith leaders to values-based peacebuilding and reconciliation.