Luis Yumbla

Luis Yumbla is an immigrant of Ecuadorean descent, who started at a very young age fighting for social justice and human rights in his homeland of Ecuador. He later went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences of Social Communication and Sociology. In his country he was founder and director of the first and widely popular radio station of the Ecuadorian Austro, which several communities organized around in defense of their basic liberties and helped train key community stakeholders as well as indigenous leaders around methods to resist oppressive practices.

Luis Yumbla holds a master’s degrees in political science and education / popular communication obtained through CIESPAL (International Center of Higher Studies for Latin America), ALER (Latin American Association of Radio Education). He has participated in several fellowship and professional learning opportunities in communication and popular education, was an adult literacy and community leader for the disenfranchised, marginalized and poverty stricken communities in Ecuador.

When he immigrated to the United States in 1994, he fought consistently and became involved in community organizing within the local Ecuadorean community and then in community efforts in defense of immigrant rights. For more than 10 years he has been an integral member of HVCC (Hudson Valley Community Coalition), a community organization fighting for human rights and the welfare of immigrant communities in the United States. He has been president for five years of the Ecuadorian civic committee of the state of Connecticut and also serves as president of LATINO NETWORK of Port Chester, New York and of several other local groups. Luis Yumbla is recognized for his courageous defense against deportations, which has earned him several recognitions, specifically from the same community that relies on his action and leadership. In the United States, he has taken technology training courses and has a Microsoft Certification in Systems Engineering and Programming.
He has also participated in numerous educational and training workshops in organization, leadership and advocacy with various organizations and institutions of social development and promotion. He is a former Executive Director of HVCC and them leading the defense and resistance of the immigrant community against detentions and deportations.

Luis Yumbla, together with community leaders from Peekskill and Port Chester, launched the Solidarity and Hope Program, which during the current pandemic has assisted hundreds of families with food, prepared food and humanitarian assistance.
Luis Yumbla currently serves as a member of the Board of One World, a foundation dedicated to the promotion and educational development of young people in their challenges of the new millennium.