Andrea E. Thomas

Andrea E. Thomas is a dedicated International Development Professional with more than twelve years of experience. She has worked with premier international organizations focused on education, aid, relief, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. These include UNICEF, Peace Corps, U.S. Embassy, Bishkek, Generations for Peace and U.S. State Department Funded initiatives in partnership with American Councils for International Education. She has built country-level partnerships with local Ministries of Education in collaboration with UNDP. Andrea’s work in Global Education, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, provide her the capacity to truly ‘think global and act local.’ Notably, in recognition of her standing within this field, Andrea served as an expert panelist for the Generations for Peace Institute in Amman, Jordan.

Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Purchase College, A Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from The Graduate Center and a Master’s Degree in Urban Development from Queens College, City University of New York. She is presently the Director of Community Engagement and Title IX Coordinator at a State University of New York. Andrea’s career shows her to be an impassioned professional, with a rare capacity to achieve leading results across a variety of roles and a lifelong passion for growing the educational opportunities of others. Her career has been underpinned by a dedication to ongoing learning and civic responsibility. She is also proficient in Spanish, Russian and Kyrgyz.