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Ailsa Gilliam

Ailsa Gilliam, is a banking professional with a passion for social transformation.  Currently CAO of Equities at Citi in Paris, she recently established a global Project Management Office team.  With a 20+ year track record across investment banking, commodities and FINTECH, her career has taken her from the UK, to a 20-year stint in NY and then to Paris a few years ago.

Ailsa completed her Bachelor’s degree at Cardiff University in Wales and her Master’s Degree at Harvard.  Ailsa’s personal interest in catalyzing international change around the prevention of, and response to domestic violence inspired her Master’s thesis and related studies.   Leveraging her thesis and corporate technology experience, Ailsa founded Sherohub in 2018, harnessing the power of educating via technology in the form of video games to combat domestic violence.  The company’s video game,created in various languages, raises awareness of domestic violence while empowering the community with strategies to combat the problem.

Ailsa is also an active participant on the Boards of several organizations, the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau, One World UV, and ShareHope, evidencing her commitment to youth, and educational opportunities locally and globally.

A British expat, New Yorker (in spirit) and Paris resident, Ailsa enjoys learning tango dancing and exploring the culinary delights of Europe.  She is grateful to be Mom to four amazing visionaries, step-Grandma to 2 cherubs, and blessed with pup who is practically perfect in every way.

Ailsa’s favorite philosophy for life is:
“Work hard, play hard, eat well, and sleep like a log!”