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About our School-Wide Development & Consultancy Opportunities

According to Harvard Professor Dr. Fernando Reimers, “Global Competence (GC) is the set of knowledge, skills, mindsets, and values needed to thrive in a diverse, globalized society. In essence GC is the toolbox that equips students to reach their career aspirations in a globally connected economy… Therefore it should not be treated as an “add-on” – limited to an elective course in which a handful of students enroll…but integrated into the existing courses to which all students are exposed throughout the year.”

One World has worked with Dr. Reimers over the course of the last several years adapting his 13 step protocol to helping schools become globally competent turning that process into a 5 step global competence action plan.  

"One World helps teachers address real life problems that affect our community and the world. "

How it Works

The administrative leader of your school will make a proactive decision to take global competence school-wide. Once that decision is made One World will work with you on a high-touch, on-going consultancy basis to develop a first draft of your global competence action plan and will meet with your leadership team on an on-going basis.

The 5 Step Global Competence Action Plan or GCAP includes the following steps:

What’s Included


On-going Harvard-inspired, high touch consultancy to help you and your school to become globally competent.  

Full Access

Access to the full range of our Global Competence products and services

Global Connections

including our global network and on-going training opportunities with fellow educators from around the world and global experts.


Certificates of completion will be available to those clubs that successfully complete the One World Enrichment program. 

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