Piloting the Academic Accelerator Program at Ossining Elementary School

From April the 1st to May 18th One World teamed up with Ossining Elementary School to pilot our Academic Accelerator program with bilingual fifth grade students.  We offered support in Math,  (for Spanish and English speakers), Literacy, Spanish conversational skills and English conversational skills. 

The objective of the academic accelerator program is to provide students with technological knowledge that helps them be owners of their own knowledge.Throughout the sessions, the students worked with ChatGPT as a study tool and once they learned to use prompts properly, they started proposing how to use this AI.

Some of the projects the students worked on were:


  • Glossary of verbs that indicate mathematical operations
  • Triangle classification chart
  • Representation of fractions and decimals


  • Glossary of unknown words from readings and use in other contexts
  • Reading Comprehension Practice
  • Reading techniques

Spanish conversational skills

  • Debate about space
  • Presentation on natural disasters
  • Glossary of new words

The program will continue next year as an after-school program and we cannot wait to work with these amazing students again.

This program is funded by Westchester County and is available to all schools at all levels. If you or your school would like to implement this program, and/ or your district is located in Westchester, please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

For more information, please email us!

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