Program Development Intern


  • Help us develop our new, signature, Future-Ready class we are calling 21st Century Mindset.  (Subject to change) 
  • In this class, in addition to delivering our three character-based competencies, we are developing a Life Plan, Capstone parallel task.   
  • Also, in addition to framing the activities with the UN SDG Goals we will also frame our activities in terms of how they impact today’s civilizational risks via the new concept of Long Termism. 

Incentives available to you:

  • Invitation to participate on a bi-weekly basis in our organizational meetings.  
  • Completely remote work and on a flexible schedule
  • Free participation in the One World’s future-ready summer programs.
  • Participants will receive a One World Certificate of Support & Completion which may qualify as community service hours. (check with your school.)