Frame College

Katikamu, Luwero District, Uganda



The Fram Vocational collage One World club was founded in late 2014. The students here spend two years at the collage to complete their Vocational training course. So we recruit and form a club each year and we use the 5th grade curriculum to train the students.currently our club has 31 members and their interestingly active.

One World Projects

Our club is currently working on a service learning project of promoting energy saving stoves with an aim of reducing on the amount of fuel wood being used for cooking. Thus reducing on the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Fram College, Uganda
Members of Fram Collage one World club engaging villagers on promotion of energy saving stoves.



Nkugwa George Abel




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another

  • I enjoy being a One world club member because the lessons are on real life experiences.

    Uganda Club Member
  • "One World has tough me about the real World problems and am happy to be part of a solution."

    Ddamba Peter One World Club Member

Frame collage One World club started in late 2014 with orientation of Club members on One world programs. The club is using the sixth grade Curriculum to educate members on the One world program. The club has 29 pioneer members who first completed the curriculum and 31 new members who are in the final stage of completing the same grade.

The first generation of club members have been involved in Random acts of kindness service learning project within the school community and this has been recognized by the school administration.

The Second generation of club members has designed a service learning project on promotion of energy saving stoves and this will commence in July 2016 in the villages neighboring the school.


Mr. Nkugwa George Abel




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another

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