Sustainable Development Goals

Students will understand their ability to work together to develop sustainable solutions 

kids picking plastic bottles

About Our SDG Mini Program

For the first time in the history of our planet, humanity has put in place an ambitious, aspirational plan to bring an end to poverty and hunger on the planet earth by 2030 along with 15 transformative goals.  

Every educator in the world should be thoroughly familiar with this transformative under-taking.  What would our world look like without poverty or hunger? Ask your students who are entering school today what the world will look like if there were no hunger or poverty. Then ask them what they can do and what we can do together to make that world a reality? Imagine the impact they can have if they each spend the next 10 years working on service-learning projects that aims to achieve that goal.

"Because of One World, we have enough knowledge to control Malaria in our Community."

How it Works

One World has developed a series of lessons to help you and your children or students first understand this globally transformative process and second begin to help to use design-thinking to find and develop solutions in your community and in communities across the globe.

What’s Included

SDG Curriculum

Our curated curriculum provides lessons & activities to educate students about sustainability.

SDG Activities

Brief Description Needed- Also, how are activities different than curriculum?


A virtual meeting with a One World support staff to learn about how to implement the program

Community Access

Program teachers and advisors will have access to One World’s Global Learning Community

Interested in Learning more?

"At One World Club I learned that you should not throw away plastic bags because they pollute the oceans, we should instead recycle them. For example we could create bracelets!"