Youth Enrichment Clubs

Our educational adventure seeks to help individuals put their lives, and our lives, into perspective.- UPDATE TEXT

About our Enrichment Clubs

Over the course of the last decade One World has developed an award winning global competence enrichment program designed to engage K to 12 students in the real world global issues facing their generation. Our award-winning E–C–E curriculum is designed to  Educate for global awareness, Connect students through good character and Empower through service learning so that students can develop global competence, which is an essential 21st century skill set.

Our educational adventure seeks to help individuals put their lives, and our lives, into perspective.- NEW QUOTE

How it Works

One World will provide you with everything you need to create a One World Youth Club. You can deliver the club as an after-school or in-school lunch club, through a local community center, or even from the comfort of your home. We will provide you with our award winning curriculum, training on our materials and on-going program support so that you can connect your One World Youth Club with other youth clubs from around the world, so that our clubs can learn with and from one another.

What’s Included

90 Minute Training

Enrichment Curriculum

Program Support


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Activity Categories

Human/Global Connections

Human/Global Connections – this phrase refers to the interconnectedness of humans around world. Humans are connected now more than ever, due to advances in technology. The actions of every human have an impact on the world around them and the sustainability of our planet.


Mindfulness – students who are mindful have the ability to stop and think about how their actions impact others. One World seeks to create a generation of mindful learners with the ability to understand the impact they have on the present and future.


Sustainability – in order for the world and the human race to continue to exist, we need to create a more sustainable future. The One World curriculum bases its sustainability efforts on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were created to guide world leaders in creating a more sustainable way of living in order to preserve the world in which we live.

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Example Lesson Plans

Global Connections

Using today’s technology, kids from all over the world meet face to face in an afternoon and learn about each other’s cultures, similarities and differences.

Core Values

Service Learning

Service learning combines learning goals and community service in ways that can enhance both student growth and the common good.

Random Acts of Kindness

Encourage learners to perform Random Acts of Kindness in their daily lives.

Exploring Diversity

Consider definitions of diversity and their own unique identity Explore the concept of assumptions based upon appearance

Understanding Community

Help students understand the ideas of community and cosmopolitanism. Understand the various meanings of the word community identifying the various communities in which we all live. 

“Character is a dimension of life that helps us persevere during challenges, treat others with dignity, and advance our community.

Supplementary activities are available for additional costs and new resources are continually being developed and shared.