Service Learning Lesson Plan

Service Learning is the component of the One World Program where students learn hands on that one person really can make a difference.  Service Leaning is rewarding and has a life changing impact on people of all ages, especially youth. All One World advisors are asked to oversee at least one Service Learning Project with their club. Many clubs participate in several Service Learning experiences throughout the year. Share your club’s Service Learning Project experience on your webpage!

This lesson plan is intended to inspire and guide advisors. Advisors are encouraged to get creative and approach and facilitate this lesson in any way they see fit as long as the outcome achieves the goal.


  • Define service learning
  • Choose a community to serve
  • Think about the needs and resources of the community
  • Identify the groups or things your project will serve


  • Chart Paper
  • Markers


  1. Identify the four steps to service projects as preparation, action, reflection and celebration.
  2. Then identify the three types of service learning projects as direct, indirect or advocacy.
  3. Once these are established and understood, identify the topics as education, environment, human needs and public safety.
  4. Break the group up into two teams.
  5. Give each team chart paper with the following headings: Community, Needs, Resources, Project Ideas.
  6. Have students brainstorm needs that they see in each community, resources that might help reduce the needs, and service project ideas your team could complete.
  7. Discuss the definition of community as not just being the neighborhood community. A community can be your classroom, school, state, country or the world. Recipients can be individuals, animals, hospitals, parks, libraries, museums, etc.
  8. Have students share their ideas with the group
  9. Ask the following questions: Do we need to do more research? Where and how do we do that? Assign roles and set long term and short-term goals for their service learning projects.

Advisor’s directions to Earn Points

After the club has completed their Service Learning Project, use the button below and complete the form. We will use that information to update your webpage and award your points! Be sure to share pictures and quotes from kids about the experience!

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