Pre-Test Instructions

Please print out the pre-test now and save the file with the post-test for the end of the year.

We are asking you to do this important task in order to collect data required by potential One World Youth Club funders.

In order for the pre-test to be useful, you must administer it at your first meeting, explaining to students that its important to understand what they already know about being a One Worlder, before they have been taught about the information while participating in One World Youth Club meetings.

Please note that vocabulary and concepts include in the pre-test will reappear on the post test. These are important and should become a part of your discussions and activities with your club.

Once collected, please file these test away somewhere safe and easily accessible to you. You will need them at the end of the year to compare to the post test.


Pre Test / Grade 4

Pre Test / Grade 5

Pre Test / High School

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