Giant Collage Secondary School

Our club is new because it was formed in late 2018. so far we have only covered the part of the core values.Our club is new but i think it is interesting to join it. Every member is anxious to [...]

View Uganda Clubs

One World has 26 clubs in Uganda without access to internet and they represent an important part of the our Global Learning Community.

View Ethiopia Clubs

One World has 25 clubs in Ethiopia that are featured on this page. These clubs have limited access to the internet but are still are a huge part of the One World Global Learning Community.  

Mulajje Secondary School

Our country is Uganda in East Africa. Mulajje secondary school One World club was founded in 2014. since then, we have 30 members in our club.

Kasana Junior School

Kasana Junior School is in their first year. They are excited to part of such a large learning community.

The Ambassadors College, Nigeria

The Ambassadors College club started November 2017. The club is made up of 40 student members both from the junior and secondary school collectively. The students are already conversant with the [...]

Alemu Woldehanna Primary School, Ethiopia

The Alemu Woldehanna Primary School club meets twice a month and is part of the school’s Civics Club. They are excited to be learned about other schools and the world beyond Ethiopia.

Hosanna School for the Deaf, Ethiopia

The Hosanna School for the Deaf club is made up of 20 students. The school consists of children from all over the country and the students and faculty use sign language to communicate.

Bobicho Primary School, Ethiopia

The Bobicho Primary School club is part of a fast growing area in Ethiopia. The club is part of the Civics Club and meets bi-weekly. They current have 42 members.

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