West Hollow Middle School Club, 6-8 Grade

Melville, New York


About Our Club

The WHMS OWC is in its 6th year – we were one of the pilot programs in the Half Hollow Hills School District. We are made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Over the years we have done a variety of lessons and projects, initially utilizing the Lesson Plans provided by OWC, but we also do a great deal of service learning. Students provide their input into areas that are of interest to them, and Ms. Conway and her co-advisor have worked hard to develop lessons and projects related to those demographics.

Our One World Group Agreement

  • Small groups
  • Not laughing
  • Stay focused / pay attention
  • Listen respectfully.
  • Speak one at a time.
  • Encourage everyone to contribute ideas.
  • Make others smile. ūüôā

Core Values

  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Effort¬†
  • Empathy¬†
  • Justice¬†
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility¬†
Our Service Learning Projects

Service Learning Project

Name: Dog Biscuits

Objective: To recognize that there is a shortage of supplies for animals being housed at shelters & help to fulfill some of that need

The Experience: Students baked dog biscuits in our school’s Family and Consumer Science kitchens. The biscuits were then donated to a local animal shelter.

The Outcome: The students worked together, taking turns, assigning jobs, and collaborating.
The students also made three batches of biscuits that were then donated.

Our Club Connections

Our club is a partner club of Adolescentes Ejemplares de la Sec. 4 Acapulco in Acapulco, Mexico! We connected twice last year.This year we were able to have our students interact a bit more, taking turns asking and answering questions. We even took a picture with everyone together!



Angelica Conway



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