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Our Club is in its third year, but it is Mrs. Carroll and my second year with One World and we are very excited!!!!Our Club is made-up of 4th and 5th graders and total to the amount 14.
We have 3 boys and 11 girls who are very excited about One World. They are looking forward to learning about other cultures, customs, and how other students go about their daily lives. They are extremely excited and looking forward to Skyping and having face to face conversations and making new friends around the world!!!
Are One Worlders are already discussing ways to help our community as well as working with other One World communities to make a great and positive difference in our world. We look forward to countless life changing experiences on our One World Journey!!!

Our One World Group Agreement

Last year was a very productive and successful year for our One World Club. We started the year with organizing a food drive for those who were less fortunate in our community. The foods were sorting by our One World scholars and were given right before Thanksgiving break to enjoy. We also started a kindness initiative school wide. Scholars created a kindness wall and displayed their daily acts of kindness on it. Scholars also created bookmarks with encouraging words to put in random books within our school library. The goal of this task was to brighten a person’s day and understanding that there will not always be recognition for your actions, you should always do the right thing. At the end of the year, our club also spearheaded the districts first International Day! The hallways were transformed into an airport and all other classrooms into different countries all over the world. Upon stepping into a classroom (country) the students visiting got their passport stamped! All scholars not only learned new interesting facts abbot cultures around the globe but also taught their peers what they got out of this experience. We are looking forward and motivated to complete other achievement and goals this coming year!



Elaine C. Donnelly

Colleen Carroll


9-11 years old

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