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Jinling Primary School Grade 5 Class 10 Club is one of the ten classes in the fifth grade. The club is made up of 24 members. We meet regularly once a week to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions. We also carry out self-organized community projects in groups during school breaks. The aim of various projects promotes community harmony, cultural awareness and self-growth. Additionally, we follow the guidelines from One World to cultivate and encourage students to become confident and capable future leaders.

Our One World Group Agreement

  • Our club plans to carry on a few activities that focus on friendship and servicing learning. The purpose is to promote the awareness of our responsibility to create and maintain a sustainable community and a clean environment.



Miss Xuan Zhou


11-12 years old

  • "I like being a one worlder because I feel like we can help other people to be the best version of themselves"

    Jude B. One World
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